Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sebelum Kuala Lumpur Kami Tinggalkan....

Ianya berlaku semasa saya, Elin, & Rinie berada di India pd tahun 2011...

We enjoyed our India trip so much so, it was there we discussed the possibility of travelling together again...

Lets visit Turkey...that was the decision we made...

We saved money for the trip....

Unlike previous trip where we planned months ahead, this time around, we only planned 2 mths before the trip. Itupun sikit2 sebab Ramadhan & right after Ramadhan, I was busy with our school's concert. Tried to book domestic airlines during Ramadhan but to no avail. Only after Raya, I managed to book tickets for 2 domestic flights. By then prices have increased quite a bit.

The 1st thing yg kami tentukan - which cities yg ingin kami pergi?

Initially, kami ingin melawat Istanbul, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, terbang ke Santorini Island, Greece. Later, it wasnt possible to fly to Santorini Island sbb tiket kpl terbang/feri agak mahal. Mungkin kalau book earlier, we could get better price.

Then, baru Istanbul, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, day trip - Bursa.

2nd - how to get to those cities

Its easier to fly. It takes about an hour to get to another city. They have many domestic airlines to choose from - Pegasus (, anadolujet (, atlasjet (, onair.....or you can fly with their national airline, mahal sikit ( The setback - if you use the low cost airlines, airport Sabiha Gokchen jauh sikit from Istanbul compared to Ataturk. Still, if you are lucky like us, Alhamdulillah, boleh dpt flight tickets less than RM100.

Other option - by bus. Journey starts mlm, reach the other city early in the morning. Perjalanan mengambil masa 10-15 jam. Kalau pergi ikut tour from Malaysia, they choose travel by bus - cheaper sbb mlm tidur dlm bas (because of the exchange rate, hotel2 di Turki terasa mahal).

Kami hanya travel by bus dr Cappadocia to Pamukkale, took us about 10 hours, pleasant journey though. Itupun sbb takde airport di Pamukkale, nearest airport is Denizli about 1 hour drive from Pamukkale.

Daytrip to Bursa by ferry (

Next - hotels

I totally relied on tripadvisor (

Yg kami perlukan hotel :

1) berada dekat dgn attractions yg kami nak pergi
2) free wifi 24 hrs
3) with breakfast
4) reliable airport transfer
5) within our budget

Then - cheaper way to visit the so many museums - I bought Museum Pass online (

85TL entitled us to enter 7-10 museums, skip queue, 10% discount on merchandise...

Took me many days & nights surfing the net to finally settled on flights, hotels....

Initially, Kelly, one of my classmates di UM menyertai kami. At the very last minute, she had to cancel her plan. Kelly just started working with US Embassy & Obama was scheduled to visit Malaysia. Her boss refused to let her go on long leave. Such a waste as Obama cancelled his trip later on.

Our (me & Elin) flight to Istanbul pd 30/9/2013, jam 12.30am...kami terbang bersama MAS...

Shahrul sent me to the airport

Ini kali ke-7 Elin menyertai saya dlm percutian - Gold Coast 2004, Seoul 2006, Bali 2009, Delhi 2011, Colombo 2012, Cruise Phuket-Krabi 2013

The last time I flew with MAS...9 years ago to Gold Coast, Australia. Alhamdulillah, berjaya dptkan tiket RM2099 all in ke Istanbul. Friends yg pernah pergi Turki kata murah sgt. Rinie was not so lucky, x sempat grab this price, she flew with Qatar Airways, slightly expensive.

Oleh kerana flight mlm, most of the time, we slept.

Arrived at Ataturk airport around 6.30am, someone was there waiting to drive us to the hotel. Mana2 negara yg kami pergi, we always arrange for airport pick up, slightly expensive, but we know its reliable, safer, insyaAllah....


Anonymous said...

flight to Istanbul pd 30/10/2013 << are u sure? heheh


the principal said...

ooooppppsss, tq

30/10 - flight to Bali, insyaAllah